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Grow It Yourself Mushroom Materials!

What can I do with it?

Whatever your imagination can think up! GIY Mushroom Materials just need a clean place to grow into a shape. The use and safety instructions give you some advice on what types of designs work best. Check out some of these cool concepts:

What am I getting?

You’re getting a bag of Mushroom Material that has been specially dehydrated to be shelf stable. GIY Mushroom® Material is a mixture of mycelium and corn stalks/ husks. It just needs some water and flour to come back to life, and then you can grow it into a form. The bag contains around 0.2 cubic feet of material, so plan accordingly for the shape you need!

GIY bags start at $19.99 for a single bag, or $24.99 for our single bag planter kit. Check out our collaboration sets of 15 bags for $154.99, perfect for classrooms, team building, or just bulk orders! We offer free shipping on all GIY orders. If you need more than 60 bags, please contact

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Then what?

So you’ve received the kit and made something awesome that people are really demanding from you. Great! Ecovative would love to learn about what you have made. If you are considering making the products in bulk, Ecovative would like to discuss how we might support you. Just contact us and we’ll work with you to decide if it makes sense for Ecovative to manufacture the products on a large scale, or if we can evaluate costs for ordering more bags of raw material (that you keep making into products).

By purchasing the Ecovative GIY kit you agree to note that any product produced is “made with Ecovative technology” on your branding and marketing materials.

Right: Wedding Dress by Erin Smith

Instructions & Safety

View our instructions & safety PDF to get started using Myco Make today.


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Project Sharing and Support

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